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#MeToo and #Oprah2020

At this year’s Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey gave a resounding speech to a room of Hollywood stars in black. In her speech, Oprah described watching Sidney Portier’s 1964 Oscar for Best Actor and his later 1982 Cecil B. DeMille Award. As she.

The Case for Free Birth Control

In 2009, the Affordable Care Act reformed the American health care system. With its passage came a provision that all insurers had to cover co-pay free birth control of all types for all women with medical insurance. For many women, co-pay free.

Bates goes to the Maine Caucus!

It’s election season and the fight has come to Maine. On Saturday, Republicans from all over Lewiston gathered at Lewiston Middle School to pledge their delegates. Ted Cruz won both Androscoggin County and the state. On Sunday, Democrats met at.

Theme Houses 2016-2017

With the school year half over and the housing lottery only a little more than a month away, next year’s Theme Houses are now accepting applications. Students lucky enough to get a spot will live with a group of like-minded students in Bates owned.

No Butts Allowed!

“Bates has fallen behind many of the other universities in Maine regarding tobacco policy,” sophomore Reed Mszar said. Mszar, along with the Bates Public Health Initiative, ‘Cats Against Cancer, and a variety of local and national.

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