Which one are you?

Two weeks ago, in the #BlackLivesMatter course, a discussion occurred that has been on my mind for some time. I have noticed at Bates College there are quite a few students, including myself, who identify as allies to different oppressed groups. For.

Debate comments

Darrius Campbell ’17 Lester H: Hilary, as of right now in this presidential debate you seem to be destroying Trump, how does this feel? Hilary: It feels great to be the first woman to run for president and hopefully my gender covers some of my.

Student Government updates

With a new year at hand, Bates College Student Government (BCSG) has more updates in order to make this year’s campaign run even smoother. The Student sat down with the Bates College Student President, Adedire Fakorede ’18  to discuss some of.

Mock funeral procession

Whenever Annakay Wright’17 tells you they have something up their sleeve, but cannot disclose any information, you should probably prepare yourself for a statement to be made. On Friday, October 7th around 11:10 am the students participating in.

Social Justice at Bates

Let me just get straight to the point: Bates needs to add a social justice requirement. It is imperative to learn about the injustices and differences in and outside our bubble before converging with society outside of Bates. A part of Bates mission.

Another Black Life Gone

On September 20 Brently Vinson delivered the fatal shot to 43-year-old, Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, NC. Brently and Keith are African-American men who have the potential to suffer the same fate in America today, but it just so happens that.

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