Sustainable Abigail

Dear Bates Community, We Ecoreps have been hearing a lot of talk about some confusing sustainability terms that are often thrown around Bates and can be quite frankly isolating to those who aren’t as familiar with sustainable practices and.

Dear Sustainable Abigail

  Dear Sustainable Abigail, I’ve always admired commons for their commitment to sustainability–with the mug club, the local food, and the various waste bins. However, I’ve also always wondered what happens with the liquid waste?.

Dear Everyone,

Dear Everyone,   Thank you so much for participating in changing the way we interact with and appreciate our world. I know at times the environmental plight can seem overwhelming and dire, and the individual impact that we all have can seem.

Dear Sustainable Abigail…

Dear Sustainable Abigail,   I live on the third floor of a house on Frye Street and, up until recently, I’ve really loved living there. But with the changing weather and the heat being turned on, my room has become a horribly hot place to.

Dear Sustainable Abigail…

Dear Sustainable Abigail, There’re still many people who don’t turn off the faucet when applying soap/brushing teeth etc. Is it possible to change all the faucets to the kind we have in the new dorms, and at least put up signs to remind and.

Dear Sustainable Abigail…

Dear Sustainable Abigail, I am very confused about where our food waste goes to be turned into compost once a plate is put on the revolving dish rack. Does it stay on campus? Does it go to a nearby farm? Is it even composted? Many thanks, Confused.

Dear Sustainable Abigail…

Hi Abby! I am living in Adams this year and I have noticed students putting the trash bags from their room into the larger bathroom bins. I was under the impression that all trash from our room should be placed in a trash room, and definitely not.

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