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Purposeful Debate

Rather than aggressively complain about our current political events, this week I decided to ask for insight, advice, and tips from Zoë Seaman-Grant and Matthew Davis. The two debate team members recently competed in the World Universities.

The self-made Hijabi?

Terrorist violence rarely includes women. Terrorist violence as a result of Islamic extremism rarely (if ever) includes “radicalized” Muslim women. Nonetheless, there is a cultural desire in the West to control the bodies of Muslim.

Election comments

DARRIUS CAMPBELL: I am not sure how I feel about the election really because with or without Trump, my life as an African-American male is still going to be extremely difficult and I will most definitely face oppression. There are two things that.

Where are the conservatives?

This one goes out to the small business starting, gun loving, border patrolling, abortion hating, death penalty loving conservatives. Where have you been? Where was your response to the DAPL, Flint Water Crisis, the global Syrian Refugee Crisis,.

Where are you voting?

Where are you voting? “I’m voting in Nevada because it’s a swing state.”  -Austin Lee “I’m voting in Maine because I was too lazy to figure out how to get an absentee ballot, but if my mom asks it’s because Maine is going to be a much.

Welcome to our season

We are with the rhythm of fall. This is the soft hymn of rain drowning the soppy leaves that were once dehydrated, but do not thirst anymore. This is the soft rhythm which is not always a downward spiral into the disappearance of vitamin D and.

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