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Women’s representation

Many have asked this question for decades, even centuries: Why are women not represented in the American political system? Typically, the answer is that a combination of factors stop women from running, let alone winning. Common reasons given.

Where do you call home?

A current petition has the potential of complicating the newly popular process of voting for many Bates students. Several Lewiston residents proposed a petition last Tuesday, the 24th, to move the municipal elections—mayor, city counselors, and.

Why should you care?

Did you know that there is now a Unitarian Universalist club on campus? Charlotte Cramer, first year and UU herself, wishes to bring this religion to campus not only to create a space for the religion and its principles, but also to promote the.

Was that a Green Dot?

Campus should prepare itself for a green makeover starting next week with Green Dot’s Launch Week. Before getting into the details of launch week, who are the people organizing this and why are they doing it? Blake Reilly, Assistant Director of.

More than a Chaplain

Multifaith Chaplain Brittany Longsdorf hopes to redefine the chaplaincy. MAX HUANG/THE BATES STUDENT To many, the words ‘Multifaith Chaplain’ trigger images of priests and stained glass windows; this is exactly what Bates’ new Multifaith.

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