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Picking your new room

Amidst the excitement of Gala and the approaching finals week, students were asked to pick their residence for the upcoming academic year. To learn more about the housing selection process, The Student interviewed Molly Newton who is the Assistant.

New coffee in Commons

Commons has recently changed their coffee provider to Seacoast Coffee Company. The process of selecting coffee was collaborative, for Commons workers organized three coffee tastings for students and staff—there were two during lunch and one during.

Teach for America

Teach for America is a non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting undergraduate students to devote two years after college to teaching impoverished children. The reality of the American education system is that “children in extreme.

Lewiston-Auburn ranking

A small business blog titled “HeroPay” run by CEO Hiro Taylor, recently “analyzed data from 358 cities and conducted a survey of 150 small business owners countrywide to compile a list of the Best cities to start a business in.

Republicans speak out

Amidst the hype of the 51st Super Bowl on Sunday night, where the New England Patriots won by 34-28, it is important to remain focused on the politics that are affecting all of us. Given the new policies that President Trump is implementing, it is.

Student government recap

The Bates Student Government held their weekly Sunday meeting — open to all students — to discuss future goals and plans that will benefit the Bates community. The Student Government is attempting to improve relations between the security office.

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