A perpetual teacher

Hello, I’m from China my name is Qi. My major is teaching Chinese as foreign languages, well, so then why did I come here? Well, what do I need to say again haha? William Ebert: Tell me about yourself. Qi Zhu: Um, so I was born in Jiangsu, China..

The push for Illiberalism

This past November, the Bates student body mobilized in a way that it had not for many years. The school achieved a record turnout for the 2016 election, and had a huge upsurge in student voter registration. Yet now all of that progress is under the.

Bates College shutdown

On Tuesday, January 24, Bates College administrative offices were delayed from opening until noon. All employees who were not designated as “essential” were asked to remain at home. Nonetheless, Commons and the Library were still open.

A walk with a Russian

Lera Fedorova is the devoted and deliberate Russian TA who graciously sat down with The Bates Student to give us her story. Lera Fedorova:  I’m from Russia, I live in a city called Orel, ah yes it is not far from Moscow. So I studied at the.

The ‘typical’ girl next door

Verena Wappel: Ok, so my name is Verena. What can I say, I don’t know. I’m from Austria, I grew up in a landscape very east of Austria, so on the Hungarian border, but I’ve lived in Vienna for the last 5 years, so yeah that’s where I’m.

From the same place as us

Farah Ben Jemaa is the quiet, but always present French TA from Tunisia. Insightful, but cautious and alway curious, she tells her story about her life now and in Tunisia: Farah Ben Jemaa: “I was born in Tunisia; I lived my whole life there. I.

Who are the Language TAs?

The language classes at Bates often have a Teacher’s Assistant who tend to be upperclassmen willing to help their classmates if they have any questions or problems regarding the various topics they are learning. Additionally, TAs sometime function.

Meeting Spanish TA Nicolas Correa

Nicolás Correa: the soft-spoken, but no less verbose, teaching assistant working within the Spanish department on campus. To most of the Spanish students, he is known as the teacher who is always laughing. But who is he? To answer that, he will.

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