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We couldn’t do anything but enjoy our stay

There are three things a Batesie must do before graduation: jump into the Puddle in February, climb Mount David, and complete a thesis. The first two tasks are relatively easy and short. A person could accomplish the former in under five seconds and the latter in fifteen. But thesis is different. Surmounting that last hurdle


Ryancare or Trumpcare?

On March 9th, Paul Ryan proposed the long-promised health care bill to replace Obamacare. Bates Democrats, Bates Republicans, Bates Health Initiative and Crystal Williams, the Associative Vice-President at Bates College organized a talk to educate students about the Affordable Care Act, and what it would mean to replace it. The talk featured a panel of


Loving the Bates live music scene

One thing I missed during my semester abroad last fall was living on a campus with a vibrant music scene. Having been back at Bates for a couple of months and having attended three shows, it has grown into something I cherish. A jazzed-up version of the childhood staple “My Favorite Things,” Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”


Namuli: Climbing, conservation, and film meet in

Until 1992, Mozambique had been largely isolated from the rest of the world. From 1977-1992, civil war tore through the country. The heavy use of landmines kept people from moving or expanding into other areas of the nation. Mozambique’s unique past, however, has created a distinctive present and future for the country’s landscapes. People were


Barakah Meets Barakah: We are living in disguises

“Phantom Punch: Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia in Lewiston,” was an exhibition full of events. Since October 18, when the show was inaugurated, Bates has hosted talks, performances, tours, and screenings. Last Friday, March 17, one last event took place: a screening of the Saudi Arabian movie Barakah Meets Barakah. The comedic drama was premiered


How do you fix a problem rooted in rhetoric?

When your car breaks down, what do you do? Me, personally, I call my dad who asks me what on earth I would like him to do (he lives three hundred miles away) and then I call AAA and they send a tow truck. Easy. Done. But not all problems have such a simple fix.


Find place, peace, and responsibility: an upcoming art show

On Friday, March 17, the Ronj will host the Sustainable Ethics Week Art Show. The show, organized by the EcoReps. is designed to promote an interdisciplinary take on sustainability while acknowledging and celebrating student achievements in the arts. The show will be primarily composed of photographs by students of all backgrounds and class years united


Planet Earth: A look inside the natural world

Sometimes the natural world appears to be an inaccessible realm. It can be hard to express just how beautiful the world is around us. Planet Earth brings the best of the natural world to the little screen in an 11-part television series, which first premiered in 2006. The series used the most modern and advanced


“I could talk music all day” An interview with Jan Pastor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jan Pastor ’20 from Warsaw, Poland, about his electronic musical composition for the class “Computer Music and The Arts.” In a music studio in Olin, I learned about his musical piece “Within Me,” which was performed February 14th in the Olin center. Here’s what I found out: Fagundo: Why


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