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Twin Fantasy Album Remake

Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest is a fantastic album, and also an album that exists in a way that I have never experienced before. Twin Fantasy is a remake of an album of the same name that front-man Will Toledo put on Bandcamp in 2011 at the ripe age of 19. The album accrued

Sex Trivia Excites the Den

Free food filled the Den; wine and beer were sold at reduced price; condoms littered the tables. What event am I describing? None other than Sex Trivia hosted by Residential Life and the Feminist Collective. This past week has been Bates College Sex Week, a week full of events and activities meant to spark conversation

Portland Museum of Art Biennial Explores Contemporary Art

Walking around the Portland Museum of Art 2018 Biennial Exhibit, I happened to be thinking about what a museum is. The definition by the books popped in my head: museums collect, conserve, and interpret objects. But as it often happens, after a few seconds, I realized that this model is limited, and that museums today

Actualizing Angels In America within the Bates Community

Angels In America: Millennium Approaches is an epic tour de force set in 1985s United States of America. Playwright Tony Kushner tackles the AIDS crisis, Reaganism, love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and a multitude of other themes via witty dialogue, magical realism, and complex and profoundly genuine characters. The show opens this Thursday, March 8, and runs

Student Bands Grace VCS with Lively Performances

On Thursday, March 1, several student bands had the opportunity to perform on the VCS stage as a result of a cancellation on behalf of the originally scheduled performer. Suffice it to say, they did not disappoint. Each group brought with them a certain type of energy and enthusiasm that is often absent from professional

Bates Finds Fun at the Lost Valley Takeover

The small but mighty ski resort of Lost Valley is an important part of many students’ non-academic Bates experience and on Saturday night students flooded to the resort for a night of music and winter activity. Bates rented out the entire resort and provided amazing discounts for students to more easily enjoy activities such as

Filmboard Presents the Senegalese Tragi-comedy Hyenes

This past Friday, I found myself sitting alone with a member of Bates’ Filmboard as we watched the Senegalese film Hyènes (Hyenas). Though the original film (Frontières) was held up by last week’s snowstorm, I was excited that the Filmboard was able to find another Senegalese film in Ladd Library’s Digital Media collection. I settled

Photography Scholar and Artist Gu Zheung Visits Bates

On Friday, March 2, Bates was honored to host Chinese photography scholar and practitioner Gu Zheng as he gave an informal talk the Bates Museum of Art. In the Synergy Space, in the lower floor of the museum, Professor Gu introduced the audience to ten of his black and white photographs from the Shanghai Series

Who Makes the Best Takeout in Town?

As a second-semester senior, I often find myself yearning for food outside of Commons, yet also hoping to stay in my pajamas. Luckily for all of us Bates students, Lewiston is home to more than 20 restaurants, many of whom offer takeout or delivery. For your convenience, I have here ranked the top 4 options

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