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“Dear Mom,” Portrays a Hidden Side of Bates

    It was an honor for me to get to talk to Chaesong Kim ’18 about her senior thesis performance, 엄마, (“Dear Mom,”). I could already tell that her show would be surprising, and I could not wait to peek behind the curtains of Gannett Theater last Thursday, March 22. I got the chance

What is the Bates Film Festival?

Telluride. South by Southwest. Tribeca. Toronto. Sundance. If you were to picture the programming boards for these, or any of the countless film festivals that take place around the world, it is unlikely that you would imagine a room of 14 college students in Lewiston, Maine. But such was the reality for the first-ever Bates

MGMT is Back with Little Dark Age

MGMT is pretty weird. The band’s particular brand of alternative/indie with hint of psychedelia became popular after their first album Oracular Spectacular, followed by two less popular albums Congratulations and MGMT. On February 9, the group released a fourth album called Little Dark Age. It follows the band’s own groovy synthesized feeling – a Pink

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: A Close Look at a Japanese Culinary Hero

Before Chef’s Table, the critically-acclaimed Netflix original documentary series, David Gleb was already travelling the world to showcase the fine-dining and some of the globe’s most captivating cuisine. Gleb, the director of Chef’s Table, traveled to Japan to shine a spotlight on a hero within the culinary world: Jiro Ono. He is most famously known

A Cappella Dazzles at St. Paddy’s Day Concert

While many members of the Bates community were celebrating St. Paddy’s Day at various events, this past Saturday evening I found myself in the Peter Gomes Chapel listening to some fantastic a cappella music. I was there to listen to Owlmen, a joint concert between the Bates College Deansmen and Vassar College Night Owls. When

Twin Fantasy Album Remake

Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest is a fantastic album, and also an album that exists in a way that I have never experienced before. Twin Fantasy is a remake of an album of the same name that front-man Will Toledo put on Bandcamp in 2011 at the ripe age of 19. The album accrued

Sex Trivia Excites the Den

Free food filled the Den; wine and beer were sold at reduced price; condoms littered the tables. What event am I describing? None other than Sex Trivia hosted by Residential Life and the Feminist Collective. This past week has been Bates College Sex Week, a week full of events and activities meant to spark conversation

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