Racism Is Embedded in Southern Food Culture

Most white folks who speak to me about Charleston, South Carolina tell me they’ve “heard so much about it!” “I’ve heard it’s really cosmopolitan, and the food is great, right?” they ask me. I’m not sure how to respond to that, in all honesty. I usually pause with hesitation, searching for a way to explain

Loving Yourself Even When You’re Loving Someone Else

We’ve all been there. You started out the night bursting out all of the lyrics to the classic Kelly Clarkson throwbacks and braved the frigid walk to a party. Then, you’ve spotted your Commons Crush—and things have gone from fun and flirty on the dance floor to hot and heavy in the dorm room. Or,

North Korea Agrees to Talk

The time is finally upon us. North Korea has agreed to have diplomatic talks with both South Korea and the United States. Kim Jong Un will meet separately with both South Korea’s Moon Jae in and Donald Trump of the United States. While the South Korea meeting date is set, April 27, the United States’

“Just Arm The Teachers”

We have all heard someone say it. At a time when our nation continues to ruminate on the debilitating legacy of the Parkland shooting – and the memories from Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and countless other tragedies have returned to haunt the American psyche yet again – the president, congressmen, and NRA-apologists hold their heads

Reflecting on Social Media and Virtual Communication

When you walk into Commons, how often do you see a table of people sitting together, yet each person in their own world? In class, how often do you see people with their heads stooped down attempting to slyly be on their phones or even rattling away at their computer keyboards even though the professor

A Call for BCB Transparency

The Budgets & Clubs Board (BCB) is the governing body for all club funding on campus. There are currently 94 active clubs and the great majority receive funding through BCB. The ten members of BCB are students selected through an interview process by the Committee Selection Board. I served as BCB Chair from January 2017

Bates Students Criticize New Administrative Approach

A series of interviews, including student government members as well as Bates administrative staff, have shed new light on an apparent gulf between the desired social experience of students and the social climate that Bates administration wishes to cultivate. Interviews conducted in January and February with several members of Bates student government, indicate an administrative

Discerning Coloniality from Holistic Education

For a while, I have been meditating on the necessity for academic colonial ‘classics’ to be centered within social science curricula. I am an anthropology major, and so I have debated with my professors over this particular issue numerous times. Institutionally, the discipline of anthropology has prioritized and financed white cisgender (cis) male scholarship, whereas

Taking Risks with Online Privacy

Is there such a thing as smart social media use? A method for utilizing online resources without compromising one’s personal information? In 2018, it seems that the best way to assure privacy is to opt out from social media and internet use altogether. On March 21, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook to address the

Understanding Marlon Bundo

On March 19, Charlotte Pence, daughter of Vice President Mike Pence, released a children’s book she wrote, and her mother illustrated entitled Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President. The book outlines a day in the life of the Pence Family rabbit who is cleverly named Marlon Bundo. In the book, Bundo

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