Bates Students Criticize New Administrative Approach

A series of interviews, including student government members as well as Bates administrative staff, have shed new light on an apparent gulf between the desired social experience of students and the social climate that Bates administration wishes to cultivate. Interviews conducted in January and February with several members of Bates student government, indicate an administrative

Discerning Coloniality from Holistic Education

For a while, I have been meditating on the necessity for academic colonial ‘classics’ to be centered within social science curricula. I am an anthropology major, and so I have debated with my professors over this particular issue numerous times. Institutionally, the discipline of anthropology has prioritized and financed white cisgender (cis) male scholarship, whereas

Taking Risks with Online Privacy

Is there such a thing as smart social media use? A method for utilizing online resources without compromising one’s personal information? In 2018, it seems that the best way to assure privacy is to opt out from social media and internet use altogether. On March 21, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook to address the

Understanding Marlon Bundo

On March 19, Charlotte Pence, daughter of Vice President Mike Pence, released a children’s book she wrote, and her mother illustrated entitled Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President. The book outlines a day in the life of the Pence Family rabbit who is cleverly named Marlon Bundo. In the book, Bundo

Thinking About Ableist Rhetoric in Activist Circles

“Crazy” has become a part of common parlance. Many invoke the term to indicate that something lacks an apparent explanation. This understanding is rooted in ableist discourse. Distinguishing disability and impairment can help clarify why this is the case. Impairment refers to a material trait or characteristic. Disability describes the socially constructed expectations of value.

Discussing Willful Ignorance in an Era of Mass Media

Though the internet only came into being fairly recently, it is an invention with implications similar to, if not more profound, than the wheel. Humans have only just begun adapting to the anthropological effects of the internet. Many of the consequences remain to be seen. On a personal level, the access to unfathomable amounts of

Have We Become Immune?

Since Trump took office, it feels like every week another high-ranking official gets sacked for menial offenses such as disagreeing with the president or not showing enough loyalty. After the first 100 days, I deleted the news apps on my phone seeking solace from the unstable reality. But silencing the craziness does not change what

Are You a Racist? – Part Two

In my previous article, “Are You a Racist?” I explored the definition of racism. I highlighted the difference between prejudice and racism, with prejudice being strictly hatred, while racism is both hatred and having systematic power. Furthermore, I parsed the popular debate of whether people of color can be racist towards white people and vice versa.

Surveying the Conditions and Consequences of Democracy

United States veterans are commended on their bravery in keeping American citizens safe from harm or danger. They are lauded for risking their lives to preserve the lives of Americans. But, with the United States’ huge military budget, are threats to national security and democracy really the country’s main concerns? With the death count of

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