Bates+Who?: A New Coalition for Racial Justice at Bates

Bates+Who? is a coalition of Bates students standing up to contest the abuses of Bates Campus Security officers against students at Bates (especially against students of color). The group formed in response to a long train of abuses committed by security   – the incident involving a black student and two Bates security officers on

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Venturing into entrepreneurship

This past Saturday April, 1st, was the annual competition known on campus as Bobcat Ventures. Bobcat Ventures is an entrepreneurial student competition that gives Bates students the chance to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas in a competitive setting. Winners of the competition are granted up to $9,000 to invest in pursuing their entrepreneurial or innovative idea.


Left out on the ash tray

While it is perhaps not as prevalent as other recreational activities, the amount of students who do smoke cigarettes on campus is noticeable.  Yet, even with today’s smoking awareness campaign, the overall health consequences to many students are unknown or misconceived. Currently Bates’s policy prohibits smoking in all building and vehicles owned, rented, or leased


A year’s work in education

Education minors across all class years presented their yearly work at the Education Symposium on Thursday, March 30 in the upstairs of Commons. In addition to poster presentations, there were numerous presentations by seniors who chose to complete a capstone rather than a thesis. The Education Symposium program offered a schedule, and featured various internship


Pushing for more conversation on degendering restrooms

On Sunday March 26, I sat down with Cash Huynh ‘18 and Maddy Smith ‘20 to talk about their latest action on campus. Huynh, a Women and Gender Studies and AVC double major, is primarily responsible for mobilizing this action and pushing for more conversations on degendering restrooms on campus. Smith is intending to be


It’s not too late!

At this point in the academic year, students may feel that prospects for a summer internship are dwindling. While Short Term approaches, students should not feel as if they are running out of time and resources to secure an internship for the coming summer. Resources made available by the Bates Career Development Center indicate that


Picking your new room

Amidst the excitement of Gala and the approaching finals week, students were asked to pick their residence for the upcoming academic year. To learn more about the housing selection process, The Student interviewed Molly Newton who is the Assistant Dean for Residence Life and Health Education. Mariam Hayrapetyan: Why did Bates switch to HouseCat? Molly


A perpetual teacher

Hello, I’m from China my name is Qi. My major is teaching Chinese as foreign languages, well, so then why did I come here? Well, what do I need to say again haha? William Ebert: Tell me about yourself. Qi Zhu: Um, so I was born in Jiangsu, China. it is really near Shanghai. Um,


New coffee in Commons

Commons has recently changed their coffee provider to Seacoast Coffee Company. The process of selecting coffee was collaborative, for Commons workers organized three coffee tastings for students and staff—there were two during lunch and one during dinner. It was hard to miss the coffee tasting, for there were large posters by the entrance and the


We couldn’t do anything but enjoy our stay

There are three things a Batesie must do before graduation: jump into the Puddle in February, climb Mount David, and complete a thesis. The first two tasks are relatively easy and short. A person could accomplish the former in under five seconds and the latter in fifteen. But thesis is different. Surmounting that last hurdle


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