Club Spotlight: Philosophy Forum

  Each Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., philosophically inclined Batesies make their way up to the Philosophy Lounge in Hedge for an informal discussion about a wide array of topics including thought experiments, metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, and other topics they discuss in class. This week, The Bates Student went to investigate a typical Philosophy Forum

Stephen Engel talks Gay Rights and Dignity in Kroepsch Award Lecture

As a part of his receiving of the annual Ruth and Robert Kroepsch Award, Associate Professor and Politics Department Chair Stephen Engel was given free reign to lecture on a subject of his choosing. His talk “The Conservative Potential of the Supreme Court’s Gay Rights Jurisprudence, or Why Justice Neil Gorsuch May Stop Worrying and

Club Spotlight: Active Minds

If you have been spending any time recently with Bates students, you have likely heard the echoes of the dreaded March anxieties and blues. Winter appears interminable, the stress from finals is undeniable, and the end of school year is in sight, but not quite close enough to touch. But beyond these shared experiences of

Former Ambassador Burns Takes Trump to Task

Students, staff, and the rest of the Bates community had a chance to hear a lecture from a former United States Ambassador and current Harvard Kennedy School of Government professor Nicholas Burns on Thursday night in the Olin Arts Center. Burns was an ambassador to Greece and the North American Treaty Organization (NATO), an alliance

Dear Sustainable Abigail #16

Dear Sustainable Abigail, I’m a big fan of the EcoRep Newsletters, and often find myself reading through the various facts and figures as I sit in different bathroom stalls around campus. While I definitely appreciate the reading material, I also always can’t help but see the irony in the group that does so much for

Bates Community Discusses Stigma Surrounding Opioid Crisis

Initially used to treat headaches, menstrual cramps, and coughs in the late 1800’s, opioids are at the center of an epidemic that directly or indirectly involves all Americans. The national opioid crisis is racialized, stigmatized, and all-encompassing, and the reaction of the Bates community has a multitude of consequences and implications. Livie Gilbert ’19 and

Bates Observes Trans Visibility Day

On Thursday, March 23rd, Bates celebrated Trans Identity Day by hosting a space to discuss and learn about experiences of people in the trans community and some issues they face in regards to representation and identity. Before discussion, everyone agreed to being recorded and featured in this article. After watching a video, students and faculty

Congressional Candidates Vie for Voter Support

Four candidates running to be the official Democratic Party nominee for Maine’s Second District, which includes Lewiston, spent time at a Q&A panel in Carnegie Hall on Thursday, March 22. While each of the four candidates – Jonathan Fulford, Jared Golden ’11, Craig Olsen, and Lucas St. Clair – agreed on many of the issues

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