Bates Launches Digital Computational Studies

On Wednesday March 21, 2018, Professor Matthew C. Jadud delivered his inaugural lecture, “It Begins with a Step” to celebrate the generous donation and contribution the Colony family has given towards founding the Bates Digital Computational Studies Program (DCS). Jadud has been inaugurated as the Colony Family Associate Professor of Digital and Computational Studies and

Clement Blows Whistle on Climate Policy

On Wednesday, March 14, Joel Clement, the Former Top Climate Official at the Department of Interior came back to his home state of Maine to deliver a speech on the Trump Administration’s War on Climate Policy. In recent news, Clement has become somewhat of a celebrity whistleblower after writing an explosive op-ed in The Washington

Bates Students Demand Gun Control During Walkout

On Wednesday, March 14, the snow fell quietly onto Alumni Walk, quickly melting as it hit the pavement, or adhering together, creating frozen mounds. Amidst the storm, precisely at 10:00 a.m., members of the Bates community headed toward Commons to gather for the Bates College Walkout for Gun Control. The Walkout lasted seventeen minutes, “to

Foreign Language Spotlight: Jing Tian

As part of a series here at The Bates Student, our News section has interviewed different foreign language teaching assistants (TAs) in an effort to better understand Bates’ foreign language department. Throughout the series, we have aimed to seek greater insight into the invaluable work the TAs and learning associates do to provide Bates students

Club Spotlight: Badminton Club

Every few weeks The Bates Student covers one club out of the nearly one hundred clubs on campus. This week, we’re covering the Badminton Club which meets every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in the Gray Cage. Though club meetings are casual and always welcome to new players, the club’s members are looking to test their

Who is Clayton Spencer?

Clayton Spencer is a name immediately familiar to anyone who knows Bates College. She is Bates’ eighth president as well as a great fundraiser, but we want to know more about the lady behind Bates and how she got here. Growing up in the South, Spencer’s father was president of two different colleges. Living on

Mayor Bouchard’s Letter Rattles the Community

On February 28, Lewiston’s mayor, Shane Bouchard, sent a letter out to 221 people, Bates students and community members alike, that can be understood as voter intimidation or an attempt to subdue the vote. This is not the first time a letter has been sent out to Bates students seeming to attack their constitutional right

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